TOP 10 WordPress Plugins You NEED To Have!

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

With 2017 approaching us in just a few short months, WordPress usage is at an all time high with around 25% of all major websites today using WordPress! There’s a huge reason why WordPress has become such a powerful content management system. This top 10 wordpress plugins list will help you balance out and boost your website.

Besides the abundance of beautiful, professional & responsive themes out there, what really makes WordPress shine as much as it does is the vast amount of plugins available. Literally, there are THOUSANDS of plugins for WordPress alone. This allows users to create the website of their dreams. Now they can put in every little drop of extra creative imagination they could put in. The amount of tweaking and customization is at an all time high with some plugins doing very little, while others changing the entire dynamic of your website. Today we’re going to be talking about the top 10 WordPress plugins you need to check out!


Top 10 WordPress Plugins



Top 10 WordPress Plugins

W3 Total Cache is an incredibly powerful plugin, and has been rated the very top cache plugin on the WordPress Plugin Market. The power of a plugin like this is ultimately unprecedented. The problem that W3 Total Cache seeks to solve is something every webmaster faces: Website loading time.

Think about it, the loading time of your website is crucial. If it takes too long to load, it may veer away potential readers and visitors to your site and can affect your overall SEO ranking. With this plugin it seeks to slim down the fat of your website for a very optimized, speedy loading website. It does this by easily compressing external CSS & JavaScript files as well as creating caches for each individual page on the website. It also handles the monumental load of all sorts of caching including but not limited to: browser caching, database caching, object caching, etc.



Yoast SEO

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Now let’s be honest, all of us when writing content for the web have always feared if we have done our SEO portion right at some point or another. Is my title engaging enough? Did I include enough of my keyword? etc. It’s definitely earned it’s spot on the top 10 wordpress plugins list.

Ladies and Gentleman, Yoast SEO is the king of SEO WordPress Plugins. Professional & Expert bloggers alike stand by this plugin as it takes the complexities of SEO and condenses them into a simplified process for you for all your content and website by giving you a color coordnation on what you need to improve for your specific article/page/etc.

If you run a WordPress page, this plugin is a must have no matter what your content!



Ninja Forms

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Many of us using WordPress like to have forms on our website. Many of us want to offer our audience newsletters, subscriptions to spicy & exclusive content as well as free goodies and giveaways! Like most of us, though adding in forms sounds like a daunting and difficult task! Not with Ninja Forms.

It’s ease of use allows even the most beginners to add a seasoned web form on their WordPress page and is extremely developer friendly in the sense it allows additional addons to tweak and add as much customization as needed to the form. This is an essential plugin for the top 10 wordpress plugins.




Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Okay, so many of us who run WordPress websites don’t actually touch eCommerce stuff but there are a very large amount of us out there that do like to sell and create our own online store. Well, that’s where WooCommerce comes into play.


Woocommerce is the top rated most powerful eCommerce plugin out there on the WordPress market, today! This plugin brings in an incredible user experience with super easy shop setup, lots of features and options to customize it just the way you want it as well as product setup, etc. It offers a vast amount of payment settings, full sales & report analysis and more! This plugin sits nicely in the top 10 wordpress plugins as the best eCommerce plugin.




Top 10 WordPress Plugin

Let’s face it, we all need a little redirection in our lives. This plugin aims to help that. Offering the most efficient 301 meta redirects in WordPress plugins, redirection can help your affiliate links take a new level. Redirection also has the ability to show you what 404 errors users are getting on what pages so you can make necessary redirect changes as needed!




Top 10 WordPress Plugins

CoSchedule is the revolution of scheduling content on your blog. CoSchedule aims to give you a precise visual schedule of your content. It also gives you many other features that can drastically help you plan out your next blog post, etc such as but not limited to:

-Drag and drop system with social media calendar posts

-team member collaborations

-scheduling posts ahead of time


For most of us, our blog is our business brand and we want to make it as professional and serious as possible. CoSchedule helps you do that in a very organized, professional way. It’s recommend for any serious blogger who wants to build up their brand name.




Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Backing up your content and information is more important now than ever with the the rise of global web attacks and stealing information via hacking. The nice thing about Updraft Plus is it takes care of your backing up duties for you.

You can choose to manually create a backup copy of your website, or you can even send backup copies to DropBox so if anything ever happens, you’ll have your website untouched by intruders. You can also schedule website backups in intervals so it will do it automatically.

Updraft Plus is so important because when it comes to a cyber attack, you don’t want to have all your hard work flushed down the drain and left crippled. This plugin will allow you to get up and running again in just minutes, even if the cyber attack has destroyed your entire database of content, etc. Did you know that it’s currently being used on over 600,000 WordPress Sites! There’s a reason it’s the number 1 backup plugin.



WordFence Security

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

WordFence ranks as the top security plugin and works day to day to keep your WordPress safe from cyber attacks by checking for any altered or damaged WordPress files including but not limited to Themes & plugins that you install.

What’s great is WordFence is totally free and entirely open source! It’s literally one of the best security plugins you could possibly have on your site for protection. It’s a must have!



Social WarFare

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

The wonderful folks over at Warfare Plugins have designed this beautiful social media plugin called Social Warfare that packs an incredibly powerful social media sharing punch! Being hailed as the fasted social media sharing plugin there is out there, it comes with a vast abundance of design combinations to fit your blog scheme just right. You can choose between floating buttons or even widgets and can even sort your posts by the number of shares!

Social WarFare is a plugin every single blogger needs to have to create the social media presence needed to gain authority. Keep in mind that Social Warfare also allows the user to make custom titles and such that will be used when someone decides to share your content. The possibilities are endless with Social WarFare! This Top 10 WordPress Plugins list isn’t in any specific order.




Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Optin Monster does just like it describes. This plugin is a powerhouse optin plugin. It works by allowing the user to crazily customize a powerful and captivating optin pop up. This optin will appear on their WordPress website. Using this plugin can really increase the total amount of opt ins you receive.

Optin Monster gives you the variety of creation with traditional popups, floating bars in the footer or the header or even sliding forms! If you’re building a subscriber base or want users to opt in to your list on your website, Optin monster is your go to optin plugin.




Depending on the website you have, you should make good use of this list. Start testing out which one of these plugins will work best for website needs. All of these plugins can do wonders for your website. Make sure to use them in proper conjunction with other necessary plugins you have. Don’t neglect looking into these! These are the top 10 wordpress plugins that are booming in 2016!

In the comments below, do you have any experience with any of the plugins in this list? How was your user experience? Let us know below!

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