Paid Traffic Sources: Best 2016 Traffic For Advertisers

paid traffic sources

Paid Traffic Sources: Best 2016 Traffic For Advertisers

It’s a question that’s been asked a lot: Where’s a great place I can buy traffic for my website?

It’s honestly a trough question because there’s so many factors involved. Well, the fact of the matter is there isn’t just a single traffic source out there that is a catch-all for everyone. Some people have success with specific traffic sources, while other’s don’t.

Why Is That?

Every single traffic source has a unique type of audience. Each medium of traffic has a different platform of engagement. You might have audiences that enjoy watching video content. YouTube, for example fits this description. Everyone that visits YouTube has that in common.

I just created a website, and I have content booming. How do I tell which paid traffic sources are best for me?


It’s best if you go through and test each specific traffic source to best determine what works for you. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of traffic sources out there. They shouldn’t be considered equal. Let’s spend a little bit of time looking at the main types: Paid Search, Social Media, Mobile & Content Discovery.

paid traffic sources

What Exactly Is ‘Paid Search’?

Paid Search is exactly how it sounds. It’s traffic that comes from advertisements that are usually placed along search engine results. They can show themselves as text ads, or even banner ads. Paid search works by placing bids on specific keywords. This gives you the ability to advertise to people searching for your keyword or phrase. Paid search works best with marketers who have a marketing budget to spend on advertising.


GOOGLE ADWORDS_______________________________________

The Good: Google is known as the top-head of all search engines. With colossal amounts of traffic, Google actually has a staggering 75% of the entire search market. Google also offers LOTS of tools and ways to fully optimize your campaign. This is the highest up on the paid traffic sources list.

The Bad: What’s unfortunate is that Google advertising is so competitive and very expensive. Some keywords can easily pull in over $100 per click. Google can also be extremely picky with what they allow on their network. Google won’t hesitate to suspend you if you follow their rather strict guidelines.

What You Need To Know: Google Adwords is great if you have a big market that you want to scale up. If you’re new to the paid traffic game, than I would avoid Google Adwords altogether. It’s so easy to make mistakes and lose a lot of money fast. It’s vital you know what you’re doing, we highly recommend having experience in paid traffic before using Adwords.



The Good: YouTube stands as the 2nd largest search engine in the world, next to Google. YouTube is actually a highly reliable source of paid traffic sources, and it’s dirt cheap. 

The Bad: The hard part about YouTube is any company that wishes to advertise through them needs video content. Keep in mind as well that the majority of whatever audience your advertising to won’t watch more than 30 seconds of your ad.

What You Need To Know: Generally, you need a pretty good ad to do really well and attract an audience. You do need to have a powerful call-to-action in the first 10 seconds of your video to really pull in your leads. You want it sweet & simple!

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BING ADS________________________________________________

The Good: Traffic on Bing Ads is generally higher quality as well as cheaper than Google. The other nice features about Bing Ads is that they’re easier on campaigns. They approve campaigns much faster and are much more lenient.

The Bad: One struggle Bing Ads faces is a much lower amount of traffic to offer. They also suffer from a very poor UI. Scaling up your campaigns can be very difficult to do.

What You Need To Know: Obviously not the best option out there, but it’s more than worth a shot to try. Testing out keywords and trying things will cost you much less in the long run.



The Good: Yandex offers you pretty cheap traffic, but also gives you quality. There’s actually not a lot of people talking about Yandex for some reason. It’s not as popular as the others which is surprising. It’s got a clean, beautiful UI and offers many marketing tools, as well.

The Bad: Yandex just doesn’t have a lot of advertising volume. This is where it really falls short.

What You Need To Know: It can be pretty hit or miss, depending on your niche and campaign. It’s a really nice way to diversify your traffic with paid search. It’s one of few paid traffic sources worth testing out.

paid traffic sources

What Exactly Is ‘Social Media Traffic’?

Just like paid search engine traffic, paid social media traffic comes in the form of text and banner ads. Social media traffic is a little more fine tuned, since each network can get more specific data on their audience. They in turn use this information to give to advertisers for bidding. Social media traffic generally has the best demographic targeting, allowing the advertiser to target super specific groups of people. It’s best for marketers looking to expand upon their brand or business with great content to share.



The Good: Did you know that back in 2014, Facebook actually surpassed over 1 billion active monthly users? That means 1/7th of the entire world’s population is using Facebook. Facebook allows you to scale your campaigns like crazy. They offer amazing demographic targeting and great tools to pinpoint your audience for paid traffic sources.

The Bad: Google and Facebook face the same issue when it comes to advertising: LOTS of competition. Prices of your campaign can jump pretty easily, and depending on how you target your audience your ads can drop in CTR.

What You Need To Know: There’s a lot of good and bad with Facebook. If you find something that works exceptionally well, you can really scale it huge. On the contrary, it can really take time and money to find the winning campaign.


The Good: Twitter does happen to be smaller than Facebook, only holding roughly 288 million active users. Twitter does seem to hold much higher quality of traffic of the paid traffic sources. Twitter also seems to focus more on product-based ads in 2015 alone. This gives marketers a lot of opportunity. Twitter also offers great demographic targeting and has even included keyword marketing.

The Bad: Twitter doesn’t really fall short in many areas, but they do lack in the area of giving you different ad types. The other fault is that they’re spendy. Unless you have a lot of money to step out of the gate with and advertise, you should approach with caution.

What You Need To Know: Twitter is amazing as a traffic source, and as a social media. It’s definitely a source that you should try out, once you’re ready to do a ad campaign with them. If you have a smaller budget to work with, it would be best to work up to using Twitter.


The Good: LinkedIn is one of those really great B2B advertising platforms. LinkedIn also sources really great demographic targeting. LinkedIn is great for product advertisement because you’re dealing with so many others in the same industry. Super high traffic quality!

The Bad: Of course, with very high quality comes extremely spendy advertising. This kind of advertising is exceptionally well with very high long term clients. If you’re not looking for clients like that, it will very likely be a struggle.

What You Need To Know: Like I said above, If you’re totally into B2B clients and conversions, LinkedIn is probably right for you. Otherwise I would just move on to the next.


The Good: Extremely sharable and likable content is key here. You can get ads for very cheap ($50) and bring in around 10,000 visitors in one day. This is a great turn around.

The Bad: It’s all give some, take some. With StumbleUpon, the traffic may boom and the ads may be cheap but the quality of traffic is very low. You’re attracting visitors with low attention spans. You’re more than likely going to have a very high bounce rate from this traffic source. That doesn’t mean you won’t get conversions or sales, though.

What You Need To Know: For StumbleUpon to work the best, you want to have very likable content. Sending a bunch of traffic to a sales page probably won’t get you very far. if done right, you can really reap the rewards and pull in a lot of traffic. The key here is to have something very eye catchy!

paid traffic sources

What Exactly Is ‘Mobile Traffic’?

Mobile traffic is just that: Mobile Traffic. With the smartphone trend that’s boomed over the past 5 or so years, mobile traffic is booming along with it. Since so many users are switching over to browsing with their phones, advertisers and marketers are turning to mobile advertising more and more. Mobile ads can come in the form of apps, banner ads, text, and even video ads. Some companies even take advantage of smartphone features like push notifications to advertise. 



The Good: inMobi is excellent. They hold an impressive 1 Billion Monthly Unique Views. They have connections with very large publishers that give you the ability to gain access to special deals. They have extremely high quality traffic in India, as well as Asia. The UI is also exceptional for a lot of the paid traffic sources.

The Bad: Plan on spending some serious money with inMobi, otherwise you’re going to be struggling with this particular network. A majority of their traffic source comes from exchanges. For those of you in the United States, you will be pulling in 2nd tier traffic.

What You Need To Know: If app installs is what you’re mainly after, then InMobi is what you’re going to want. Some regions of traffic that it gives you will be very low quality, so FYI.


The Good: Offers really good quality traffic for US and Canada for mobile paid traffic sources. They do have a really strict review process, but it does result in higher quality of traffic. Millennial Media also offers a great and smooth UI, and is incredibly easy to set up your campaigns. Scaling campaigns is also simple.

The Bad: Traffic prices can be extremely expensive. In fact, out of all the others on the list they are probably one of the more expensive for traffic. Again, it’s the same dilemma with high quality traffic = expensive traffic.

What You Need To Know: If you’re an app developer and you want to expand upon your audience in North America, this is a great place to start. You do need to spend some serious cash though to get a really good campaign on the run.


The Good: Airpush probably has the best interface out of all of the mobile paid traffic sources. They also have extremely powerful targeting options with their AirDSP. Airpush has actually been introducing new formats of ad products like abstract banners. This gives you more click through power than the regular ol’ mobile advertisements.

The Bad: Google actually took down push ads way back in 2013, and that seems to have really affected AirPush. Campaigns can take weeks to be approved and set live. Support is also very slow and can take days.

What You Need To Know: This is definitely a great low cost traffic source that will enable to test mobile campaigns. Just keep in mind approval times will be slow and you won’t have a lot of support.


The Good: Along with the above, Go2Mobi has a very clean and neat interface. There’s also real time campaign optimization. Also holds really clean and high quality traffic.

The Bad: It’s generally a struggle to be able to scale any campaign over $400 a day with Go2Mobi. Even if you nail an awesome campaign, scaling it can be tough.

What You Need To Know: This is a really good network out there for being new to mobile traffic. They do have a really helpful staff and have a really quick response time. Go2Mobi is one of the mobile paid traffic sources worth checking out.

paid traffic sources

What Exactly Is ‘Discovery Traffic’?

This kind of traffic source is actually a new form of paid traffic sources. Content discovery traffic that comes from banner and text ads is more related to the content the user is reading/watching. These kind of ads usually appear on websites and sources with things like “Related articles”, etc. Many major websites such as CNN use this form of discovery traffic. 


The Good: When it comes to discovery traffic, Outbrain is the king of paid traffic sources. It holds more traffic than Facebook & Google. The scale potential is tremendous and Outbrain offers insane of really high quality traffic from lots of name brand websites. Campaigns are very easy to set up, as well.

The Bad: Prices of course are through the roof. There is really no targeting options and they rely entirely on their system’s algorithm to display your advertisements.

What You Need To Know: Outbrain has incredible volume. If your a business owner and you really want to get your content out there to really big popular sites, Outbrain is your man. Jump on this one quick before it fills up with competition!


The Good: With over 1 billion clicks a month and a minimum amount of $0.02 CPC. DNTX offers great amounts of target options, keyword by category and GEO. Keep in mind their ROI are incredible (1000%+). They have incredible traffic quality for their price. PLUS, they are the only campaigns that offer instant campaign approvals.

The Bad: They actually don’t really have any cons per say. My only bone to pick is wishing they had more target options.

What You Need To Know: Again, another one of the great paid traffic sources with high quality traffic for a low cost. Worth checking out.


The Good: Bringing a great interface with plentiful amounts of targeting options. Great traffic for great prices. The best thing about ZeroPark is that they offer you real time price bidding with metrics.

The Bad: Traffic can shoot up in price as well as reviewing your campaign can take time. Other than that there’s really no cons.

What You Need To Know: If you’re wanting to expand upon your redirect traffic, they can offer you a great experience. Turns out, they also own Voluum Mobile Tracker.

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