International SEO Strategies

international SEO Strategies

International SEO Strategies

Today, I want to talk about international seo strategies If you want to go international, there are some steps that you should really consider. You should take care that you set up everything technically correct of course. First things first, you should decide what domain strategy you actually want to go for.

Domain Strategy

international seo strategies includes a domain strategy to decide to go for a top level domain that would be picking a .com, .net or the top level domains basically. Then of course, on the other side, you could pick a country level domain so you could set a own domain for every country. This depends on really also the strategy of the company. For some companies, they have some kind of affiliate systems where the brand is still owning of course the website and all the stuff. But they give it to a kind of affiliates or a kind of partners. Then in this case, it’s quite good that they have their own domain and can control their domain. For SEO, it’s basically better to use a top level domain because if you use a top level domain like a .com domain, so your and you go to a different country, you can just implement a sub folder. If you go to Germany, you could implement a sub folder that is a DE sub folder.


In search console, if you go to Google search console, you can tell Google this every all the content that is in this folder is targeted to Germany. Of course, the German language content would be inside this DE sub folder. If you then decide to go to Mexico for example, you could make a MX folder and push the Spanish folder in there. Like that, you can go to every country and target every country like that.

The big advantage that you have is if the countries are building some values or some links, some mentions, some press releases, some other marketing stuff that is giving some power or some links then this will all count for the domain itself. It will also count for the sub folders. The link power will flow through the domain and it will help every country.

Setting Up A New Domain

If you set up a new domain or if you set up a separate domain for every country, then you basically start fresh in every country for international seo strategies. It’s a real big advantage to have a top level domain that you use for all the countries and have sub folders. If it comes to strategy, you should have somebody taking care of all the countries. You should have the dashboard where you decide, “For us these keywords are important. We want to make this much money in this country. We want to produce this content or we want to produce like a blog post every week.

We want to do this, this and that.” It’s important to have a kind of dashboard who everybody has got access so that territory managers, I mean, by that if you have somebody responsible for the territories then it would be quite important for you to have dashboards where they can see how they are doing and actually find out what the others are doing if the rankings go down or up. Everybody can learn from everybody.


If it comes to content production or link building or marketing that special countries of course it’s very important to speak the language, to know the market, to really know the keywords, not just translates the keywords that you have in other countries. Really try to figure out if it means the same. This is key in international seo strategies.

This is very important. What I suggest is really to have somebody who’s like a territory or country manager and then pick some people that are able to do link building or writing or stuff like that in this country. Maybe the territory manager can also handle that, what we do is we try to support the territory or country managers as good as possible so that means we are sending them possible link sources or links.

We are trying to come up with some interesting ideas that could Be good for marketing or for link building. We try to look at the competitors and tell them where are some possibilities, what keywords could be interesting, what keywords have got a high search volume and low competition, stuff like that. Really, it’s the best if they can handle it internally basically because then they have the product knowledge and they have the knowledge about the country, they speak the language and it’s good to find people and language.

What I think is also very important to have somebody who is overseeing everything, who’s overseeing what is going on in the different countries and can make suggestions, can see very fast what’s working, what is not working and then actually give the information to everybody.

These are some insights of our daily work. I hope that was useful and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Josh Nanocchio

Marketing & Designing for around 10 years, Josh Nanocchio is the founder & CEO of MarketHydra. Josh has been professionally writing, designing and marketing for years, and wants to bring that premium quality to his blog, MarketHydra.

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