Clients & Communication: 4 Things You MUST Know


Clients & Communication: 4 Things You MUST Know

For us as marketers, we always need to strive to give our clients the best possible results. In order to give our clients we need to get across the value of what we do for them.  Your client should also be aware that Search Engine Optimization is a part of the entire marketing strategy. It does not and can’t hold as a single solution. This is why SEO needs to be so closely knit between the marketer and the client themselves.

Search Engine Optimization is often a very misunderstood job in which many don’t know what a SEO person does. It’s really a forgotten job among the marketing field. Obviously the execution of SEO is extremely important but the importance of educating the client on the process and how your job works is just as important.

This article aims to cover the top 4 main points of how to effectively communicate to your clients about SEO and how the process works in with the strategy.


#1 Relate Results to Money

Clients & Communication: 4 Things You MUST Know

Explaining to your clients about all the keyword rankings and monthly views isn’t going to get them to clearly understand. Your clients want to see the results from that SEO with how much money that it’s made. They want to see that your efforts have rewarded your previous clients in $$$. Just remember to stick closely to the client to make sure both of you are getting the highest bang for you buck.


#2 Be Actionable!

Clients & Communication: 4 Things You MUST Know

Be sure to be totally transparent with your clients. Not only are you going to want to show them your previous marketing efforts but to show them that your results are actionable because of the money you’ve generated from it. Be sure to really explain to the client the possibilities when discussing long term goals, etc.


#3 Relate to the Current Situation

Clients & Communication: 4 Things You MUST Know

Remember that as a SEO person, you need to take a look at the whole marketing strategy in place instead of just the SEO side of things. Being more involved with your clients and giving them the extra help will show you’re more competent and professional. Be involved in the entire strategy and help the client where it’s easily applicable for them.


#4 Never Stop Asking Questions

Clients & Communication: 4 Things You MUST Know

SEO is a very thorough process that should include you, and your client.. You need to ask as much as you can from your clients and communicate as much to what they need. The biggest thing that could be a challenge is when a client changes design on you. Be sure to ask them what their plans are for the website and the pages itself instead of just sticking to your SEO side of things.

Questions are extremely important to get across to the entire SEO Team. Bad communication between your client and your team can result in details left out. It’s a partnership and needs to be understood as such.

Remember that you can find some amazing SEO resources over at our Resources Page


In the end, the more communicative you are the better off you’re going to be in your line of work as a marketer, SEO specialist, etc. Communication should take the top priority in engaging with a client and doing so in a way that’s not only trustworthy, but easy to understand and actionable. Keep on top of your line of work with new updates that come out and stay familiar with your industry as changes roll in.



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