Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts


I’m sure many of us have gone out of our way that have written some killer, kick ass high quality articles but were so disappointed because they got little to no attention. I’m sure you’ve also seen articles out there that were not that great, and maybe even poorly written but ended up receiving a lot of attention, likes and even shares. What we are going to be discussing in this article is how to properly structure and format your article so that it’s very eye appealing, inviting and attractive to your audience. Let’s face it, if your audience is blankly staring at a huge wall of text, at that point it doesn’t matter if it’s the best written content in the world – people aren’t going to give it a chance.

We know that in this day and age the average attention span is not a lot. Captivating your audience before they lose interest is extremely important and we want to entice them as soon as possible. Let’s get into it.


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Be Scan-able

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts


This goes back to the whole wall of text thing that I was referring to. You want to build a make your article very easy to breeze through and that the audience can easily scan through if they need to. Cluttered text with little to no pictures or any sort of paragraph structure is so unattractive and more than likely your readers are just going to skip right past it. Not only that, but of all your content is like that there most likely not even going to give your website a second chance. Here’s a good example

These are two separate versions of the same text, but one is nicely formatted while the other is… Just ugly. What looks more appeasing to your eyes?


Lists, Bullets And Highlights Are Everything

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts

In this day and age, top lists are humongous and any other sort of articles that emphasize bullet points in a list like structure. Buzz feed in particular is a big brand that does this well.

Generally, lists are very easy to scan and read and makes the content easy for the user to digest. It’s very easy to capture your reader’s attention with a list Anna stands out from just a general informative blog posts because it tells the reader exactly what they’re getting.

As far as highlighting goes, make sure to always highlight the important sections of your sentences, paragraphs or whatever you think is going to stand out to your readers and your blog posts. You could even go as far as formatting and highlighting the main points of the blog posts just so when your reader goes to scan it there able to get the general just of your article.


Using Subheadings

(Like this one)


Subheadings ultimately allow you to break down your content. This creates a more digestible format for your readers instead of just the title all in one. It allows you to almost make a list out of the content. This thoroughly creates a more organized perception of the content in front of your audience.


Images Brighten Things Up

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts

The majority of humans process visual content more efficiently than text in general. In fact, there was a study done that concluded that articles and content with images get around 94% more views in general. What’s great is this image can be an info graph, a meme, a screenshot, etc. It’s whatever you can put together visually that is pleasing and relevant to the audience your posting it to. Don’t forget about captioned images as well, they are becoming increasingly popular and you shouldn’t neglect their use.

According to a study done by SocialFresh, animated graphics were concluded as the best type of images for your blog posts that generated the most shares.


Invert The Pyramid

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts

This one probably doesn’t make sense right away, so let me break it down for you. Normally with any content, you start with the general foundation. Then, slowly move your way to the conclusion by the end. Actually, it’s better if you start with the who, what, when, where and how first. After that, you want to reveal the facts in order of importance and with quotes and other information.


Highlight quotes

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts

Quotes are always a nice piece of content to add into your blog posts. They usually hold specific value. Bolding them and highlighting them to make them stick out is a very good idea. There’s a very nifty plug-in called click to tweet. It’s by co-schedule so that your readers can easily tweet it. It’s proven that people like quotes and doing so will enable you to bring in more viewers.


Call To Action

Proper Formatting: Getting A Boost On Your Blog Posts

Like our other post talk about call to action, you have to command your audience to do what you want them to. This is simply done with the prompt, question or suggestion. Tell them to share the post. Tell them to comment, like it, etc. The point is to put that thought in their head. Get them to do that action before they click out of your article or away from your website.

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What are your favorite formatting tips that you like to use to boost blog posts? Comment with your thoughts below on what works best for you and what your favorite is. Don’t forget to share if you like this content.



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