Arbitrage Underdog Review

Arbitrage Underdog

Hello guys, I’m here and today I want to make a review of the software called Arbitrage Underdog. The idea behind this software is evergreen. It’s to find somebody who want a service, get hired and then outsource the work for a small portion of your price. The concept makes a lot of sense, and sounds really good but there’s one big obstacle, which I will explain in this video.

I have purchased this software a few months ago. The creator is Tom E, who has a very good reputation online, he is a great guy and I have previously bought a blueprint for making money on eBay from him which worked for me. So that’s the reason why I didn’t think twice and just paid for the Arbitrage Underdog. Basically this software on the one side is searching on craiglist, upwork and other freelance websites for people seeking services, and on the other side is searching for the same service on fiverr. Let’s search for logo, so you can see. On the left you can see people that are willing to spend hundreds, even thousands for a logo – and on the right you see people who are willing to create a logo for five dollars. Well most of them will want more to deliver the vector files to you so let’s say it $20.

It’s still pretty cheap. The idea is that you can get hired for hundreds of dollars and then outsource for 20, keeping good percentage of the money without doing the actual work. In this case you are a broker of human force, a middle man, a sales person. If you have watched my videos explaining the only 4 ways to make money you should know what I’m talking about. Anyway – at first I was thinking that I will be making huge amounts of money with just a few minutes of work, but then – the reality kicked in.

You see, the only problem with this software is that It have been sold over 5,000 times. Why this is a problem? Well, I tried it. I actually created a special website, for my own design agency. I made it look very good, uploaded some artworks scraped from fiverr and basically – everything that is mentioned in the training videos. And then every time I contacted a person to apply for a job – there was 10 or 20 people who have contacted him before me with the same approach.

So imagine you are posting an ad for logo on craiglist and you are being contacted by 20 people in the first day that are saying and showing you pretty much the same things. What would you think? Would you hire some of them? I personally wouldn’t. I will be thinking they are bots or something like that.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – the principles behind the software work 100%, but the people who are searching to hire are bombarded with the same emails, and they feel very strange about it. I bought this with the idea of cash on demand, because that’s what the sales letter was saying about the software, which turned out not to be the case. To be honest – I’m sure that if you really like the idea and if you are willing to spend the time and effort and add a little twist of your own – you can make the arbitrage underdog work for you and actually you can build a stable business.

However, I don’t have time for every opportunity out there. And I hope you are not lying to yourself that you have that time. What I’m always trying to tell you guys is to focus on a one or maximum two things and be consistent, because that’s the way to build businesses. If you are jumping from software to software, from method to method – nothing will ever work for you. I hoped this was something that I can profit from since day 1, but it is not anything like that.

Now I’m using it to find good fiverr gigs faster, because actually the fiverr search here is awesome, but I don’t think it is worth to buy the software just for this purpose. So in conclusion: If you already have decided what’s your business and started working on it – do not lie to yourself that buying this fancy software will make you tons of cash with no effort. I’ve been there – done that.

However, there will be a very small percentage of you, who still don’t have a clear vision of their business and who may think that this is a good opportunity. If you think that’s you here are some things you will need to make this work:


1. You will need to get creative with getting jobs and don’t follow what the tutorials of the software are teaching, because that way you will be the same as other 1000 bots. You need to stand out.


2. You will need to spend time on optimizing your sales pitches and getting experience. (a few months is a reasonable amount of time)


3. You will need to find other websites for outsourcing. You can’t rely on just fiverr. For example Here you can hire people from the Philippines, who will be working full time for you for $300/month. And they will be happy about it.


4. If you decide to start – you should forget about quitting. You should persist until you make it work. That’s just it. So that was my review of the arbitrage underdog.

Basically it’s only for those of you who don’t have a main business and feel comfortable when being competitive. All others – you better spend that money on your girlfriend or wife than buying this software. This is my personal opinion. Sorry Tom, I’m just being honest to my people. Talk to you soon guys.

Josh Nanocchio

Marketing & Designing for around 10 years, Josh Nanocchio is the founder & CEO of MarketHydra. Josh has been professionally writing, designing and marketing for years, and wants to bring that premium quality to his blog, MarketHydra.

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