7 Biggest Flops In Social Media


If I didn’t make mistakes in my own marketing and in social media, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here in the first place. Everyone makes mistakes. We all have to learn from them. Here are seven most important, most common mistakes we see in the world of social marketing. Measuring your social media just through fan counts.

You should measure your social through proper metrics. Trying to go “viral” in social media. An agency might pitch you to make a “viral” video but in social we know that you can make shareable videos. Viral? There’s no such thing.

Poor creative. And especially on Instagram where quality is very important, #PoorInstagramAds. Make sure the content you have matches the channel and the quality that your brand should have. Cat videos? Seriously?

When you have nothing to say as a brand maybe you shouldn’t say it. It’s great to send your boss inflated reach metrics through your latest listening report but don’t do that. Send them the right ones, watch our video we just did on that.

And what’s up with having your walls closed on your Facebook pages? Do you close your walls on your Twitter page? No, you can’t! Why close your wall on your bloody Facebook page? What’s the point? It’s social media. And last but not least.

Auto-responding to your social media users to gain a better social customer services score? I mean, seriously? What the heck is up with that? And then coming or auto-responding them to send you an actual e-mail in social media multiple times if they’re trying to have a thread with you?

Are you crazy? Guys, clearly, everyone makes mistakes with social media flops. We hope you can avoid these and many others during 2016.

Josh Nanocchio

Marketing & Designing for around 10 years, Josh Nanocchio is the founder & CEO of MarketHydra. Josh has been professionally writing, designing and marketing for years, and wants to bring that premium quality to his blog, MarketHydra.

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