5 Ways To Make Money Blogging

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5 Ways To Make Money Blogging

In today’s article, I want to tell you how you can make money by blogging. What I’m gonna cover is, I’m going to cover how to actually get started making money by blogging. So I will cover a few different things that you need to look at, a few different things that you kinda need to have in place in order to get started with ways to make money blogging and then I’m also going to share with you how to monetize your blog. So… how you can actually start to make money by blogging.

So make sure you stay tuned and be sure to check out this whole article and I hope you get a ton of value. What are you going to have do to start making money by blogging? Well, obviously the first thing you’re going to need is… you’re going to need a blog. So if you don’t already have a blog then there are few different ways you can do this. You can get a free blog at wordpress.com or blogger. Then what you want to do is… you want to pick a niche. So what niche do you want to blog in?

So whether it be let’s say weight loss or say tools or if you’re into knitting or fishing or whatever. You need to pick a niche that you’re passionate about something that you’re going to be able to blog about every single day. Then the next thing that you’re going to want to do is to create valuable content on that blog. So you’re going to want to put content that your audience is going to want to read.


Content that’s going to engage them and content that’s going to kind of solve issues and problems that they have. And then you provide a solution. Then the next thing you want to do obviously is… you’re going to want to monetize it, you want to start making money by blogging, so to do this you are going to monetize your blog. Now there are a few different ways you can monetize your blog. So the first thing is affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, basically people out there have products, services and stuff like that and what they do is they pay people to point traffic in their direction. They pay people for that traffic to go there and buy their product or service or whatever they have. So you can go to places like clickbank, amazon.com has an affiliate product or has an affiliate offer or JV Zoo for instance.

In Depth

So what you would do… actually myself I build niche money sites so what I do is I pick a niche and then I find products related to that niche. These are just many ways to make Money Blogging. Then I build little mini sites that get ranked on the first page of Google and stuff like that and then within these blog post I go for keywords…

actually I will give you more information about how you can learn more once we’re done this video. But anyways, so then I give them keywords so that these keywords, they’re buying keywords, keywords that people are looking for when they’re ready purchase the product. So then they come and they read my product reviews and stuff like that and then that kind of gives them a little push over the edge and then they go purchase the product, then I get a commission.

Marketing Blogs

The next type of blog that you can have is a network marketing or MLM blog. So let’s say you find a network marketing business about weight loss or a network marketing business about travel or something like that. Then you can actually start a blog related on that and then put valuable content on there and then point people over to your network marketing business. The next thing is, you can offer services on your blog.

So stuff like coaching or maybe if you have design services, or if you know how to design websites, or if you know how to design banners or different stuff like that. Then you can have a blog that teaches people stuff like that. And then they can say… take a course from you or do a coaching thing with or something like that. The next thing is you could create a blog for your own offline brick-and-mortar business or something like that.

Extra Services

So let’s say you have a little sewing store, you can create a blog about sewing stuff like that and then have people actually come to your store to learn more about stuff and you could offer products that you sell and stuff like. The next thing is selling products. So if you have, say physical products that you want to be able to sell on your blog. This would work great if you have an offline business and you kinda offer products through your blog as well and then you ship them out, physical products.

Also there’s virtual products, so things like eBooks, webinars, training courses. You can offer stuff like that through your blog that people can buy. So just a quick recap. Obviously you need a blog to for ways To Make Money Blogging, you need to find a niche, you need to create valuable content and then you need to monetize that blog.
So if you got any value from this article then make sure you check out my other articles. Stay tuned for more!

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