10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

Top 10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

Social Media engagement can be tough, awkward, and… sometimes not the easiest. Today we’re going to talk about 10 great things you can do to engage with your audience to make things a little easier!


10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

Yes, you want to engage your audience by posting a question for your fans to respond to. You’re asking for them to answer and there are quite a few ways to ask. With fan engagement, you want to pick their brain.

It’s always good to entice them with a link or a picture and ask them what they think. Get specific. Things like:

-How do you…?

-Why do you…?

-What do you think of….?

-Who is…?


Post at The Right Time

The best way to check what your highest activity is for your fans engaging with you is to check your insight. This is done more with your Facebook page but there are tools that you can use for Twitter and other social medias.

It’s ideal to be posting at different times of the day vs. just at one time or a set of times and see what works best. See what gives you the most engagement.


Share The Right Images


Images are an absolute game changer when it comes to engagement. Did you know that images have a 78% higher engagement rate than just a post with plain text? That’s insane!

It’s simple, really. Just use relevant, eye catching photos in your niche. It can even be memes or sayings. Remember that you can create eye engaging images with Canva and Adobe Spark if you’re not Photoshop inclined!


Engaging with Other Brands


You want to learn a spice secret of pulling in tons of fans? Engage with other brands in your niche! Yes, it’s that easy. Being tactful and engaging with other brands can be extremely beneficial for the both of you. Aim to build a relationship with that other brand, engage and share good, quality content that their audience will eat up!

If you do the right thing and post useful posts, you’re only helping out both you and the other brand.

Call To Action!

Top 10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

Marketing 101: If you want your audience to do something, well… Tell them to do it! This is called a call to action and it doesn’t matter if it’s a button, a share, a comment, etc. Command your audience! This is one of the stronger ways of fan engagement.


Boost Your Best


Most of you are probably keeping tabs on your highest viewed article/content/post and are able to slowly tailor your content towards more of your highly sought after work. What you want to do is to promote those big posts that are getting lots of attention more than others.

Whether it’s posting it externally, making it into a YouTube video or paying for advertising to boost that specific post it’s all in order to boost your reach. If you have Google Analytics on your site (you should!) you can easily see which pages and which articles are being sought after the most.


Give Your Audience A Laugh

Top 10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

Sometimes our jobs can get mundane and begin to feel like repeat over and over. It’s great to sometimes stick in a meme or a good laugh in there to add personality and flair for your fans. Just be sure to keep the humor appropriate for your niche and keep it within the same interest. Sometimes, fan engagement just means making your audience chuckle.


Always Respond!

Top 10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

The last thing you want to do as a brand is to not engage with your audience. Regardless if it’s on Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc. you ALWAYS want to respond and engage with comments and your audience. When others come and visit your page and wish to interact with you whether it be questions, or maybe even a suggestion they’re going to see that you’re extremely responsive. Engagement pays off very well!


Share Content

Top 10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

Assuming you’re not posting the same content all across the board on all social media channels, you’re going to want to post that content specifically on your biggest medium! If you get the most engagement on your Facebook page and have content you haven’t posted on that page on your website, or even Instagram it’d be a really good idea to post it to your page!


Don’t Forget To Trend

Top 10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement

Always keep a look out for the ongoing trending topics in your niche. Any posts, events, controversy or content that grabs the attention of a wide audience, take it! This can also sometimes be in the form of a popular hashtag that you can slip into a post.


Thankfully, Google Trends makes it so easy to find what’s big and what people are talking about and searching for. If you’re a local business and or wanting local clients to work with, just keep it in the confines of your city, zip code, etc and keep a watch for local trends.




Keep these 10 tips in mind and your business is sure to flourish more than what is was. Having a big presence to your fans and to social media means more than just engaging and posting. Keep the above posts in mind and you’re going to do great! Let us know what you think below. Remember, Fan engagement is everything.


Josh Nanocchio

Marketing & Designing for around 10 years, Josh Nanocchio is the founder & CEO of MarketHydra. Josh has been professionally writing, designing and marketing for years, and wants to bring that premium quality to his blog, MarketHydra.

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